Portrait of happy girl decorating Christmas tree.

Visit our tree farm and pick your own tree this Christmas!

We sell direct to the public for people wanting to choose their own tree – come to the farm and pick your own tree in the lead up to Christmas!

Each tree is carefully pruned 3 times a year and maintained all year round. We provide you with best quality fresh Christmas Trees.

We have trees from 4ft to 8ft, depending on your Christmas Tree needs.

Our opening times!

Early Bird Weekend:

25th November – 10am to 6pm
26th November – 10am to 5pm

Dec 1st – VIP Day:

1st December – 10am to 6pm

Open to the Public:

2nd December – 10am to 6pm
3rd December – 10am to 5pm

8th December – 10am to 6pm
9th December – 10am to 6pm
10th December – 10am to 5pm

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Xmas Tree's

For more information, and for wholesale orders, call Sam on 0438 847 148

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To ask a question or provide some feedback, info@samschristmastrees.com.au

Visit Us

To visit us, head to:  719 Egerton-Ballark Rd, Bungal VIC 3334

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Everything you need to know about buying, transporting and keeping your tree

Get the Best Quality Christmas Tree this Christmas!


Come and visit

719 Egerton-Ballark Rd, Bungal VIC 3334

We are just down the road from the scenic Lal Lal Reservoir near Ballan in Victoria Australia. We are blessed with fresh air, open spaces and good rainfall – so our trees prosper!

18 minutes from Ballan

29 minutes from Ballarat

14 minutes from Elaine

55 minutes from Geelong

12 minutes from Gordon

9 minutes from Mount Egerton

16 minutes from Mt Wallace

Create Something Special!

Christmas is the best time of year for creating ever-lasting memories surrounded by the people you love most; opening presents, making meals and sharing conversations across the dinner table.

A lot of us hold a fond place in our hearts for the festive season, and we want to be a part of making this time super special for all involved.

Our Christmas Tree farm offers a hands-on experience for the whole family, with pristine views and endless rows of beautiful, freshly pruned pine.

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to the fresh smell of pine!

And did you know, our turnover makes purchasing a tree from us a more environmentally friendly option?

It’s true!

Every tree we sell, we replant. It usually takes a tree around four years to grow, but once it breaks back down, we mulch back into the ground and start the process again.

You can read more about our jouney, here.

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