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Located along Egerton-Ballark road, Bungal, near Ballan in Victoria, Australia, we are blessed with fresh air, open spaces and good rainfall – so our trees prosper!

The farm, which was formally owned by Barry and Bridget Sims, was first seen as just a strip of vacant land perfect for planting pine trees.

Little did they know they would be creating memories for hundreds of families across the country!

It wasn’t until 1981, when someone came along and asked the pair if they could purchase the trees.

And thus, Sam’s Christmas Trees was born.

Back then, they were a free-range tree farm, meaning the trees were cut down as they grew and there was no pruning involed.

Fast forward to 1997, and the team behind the popular tree farm began pruning the luxurious Christmas centre peices – which is what they continue to do today.

Pruning the trees has been fine tuned over the last 20 years, which has turned into more intense schedule to create a better shaped tree.

This, in turn, also leaves less wastage as trees were being planted but not all were being sold. So, a lot of them were just chopped down.

In 2008, the farm was passed over to Barry and Bridget’s son, Sam, and his wife Laura. When they took over, the trees were being sold roadside in Geelong.

Now the business is purely whole and paddock sales – creating everlasting memories to all of those who come to the farm to purchase one of these stunning Christmas Trees.

Sam’s Christmas Trees is a local business, employing an entire team of local people; building on their character of community-based, family oriented people.

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