How do I pick my tree?


Here at Sam’s Christmas Trees, we want to provide the most memorable picking experience you’ve ever had.

Once arriving at the farm and parking in the designated area, our friendly staff will greet you and guide you to where you can pick the prettiest tree that catches your eye.

But please wear close-toed, stable shoes and a hat for those summer days. Some people even opt for a pair of safetfy gloves.

Once you have decided on the perfect tree, we can cut down the tree for you, or we can provide a handsaw if you would like to do it yourself.

It’s that easy!

How much does a tree cost?

Christmas Trees are like people; some grow bigger than others, so the price varies!

Trees start at $45 and go by the foot.

4.5ft $45
5ft $50
5.5ft $55
6ft $60
6.5ft $65
7ft $70
7.5ft $75
8ft $80
9ft $100


Santa visits Sam's Christmas Trees

How do I get my tree home?


Once you’ve picked the tree of your dreams, and you’ve envisioned stacking presents under the tree for the next few months, it’s time to load it into your car.

That’s right, your car, so make sure you bring a car big enough to facilitiate a HUGE tree.

We can wrap the tree in netting if you wish, and we also suggest bringing along an old doona to place it on so pine needles don’t litter your cars interior.

Remember, we DO NOT offer delivery, so please make sure your car is large enough to carry a tree, has roof racks, or bring along a trailor.

Don’t forget to bring a rope to tie the tree down if you’re putting it in a ute, trailor or on roof racks. We have seen all sorts of tree transportation, but please obey road rules.

How do I install my tree at home?


Picking the tree may be the easy part – but picking where the tree is placed in your home is the essential part… because it often stays there for months on end!

Make sure it’s out of direct sunlight, heating and cooling.

But in terms of installing your tree, you can either place your handpicked Christmas Tree in a bucket, or we sell high-quality Cinco stands at the farm.

Place the tree in some water, and cut the netting off. Then it’s all ready to decorate with your favourite ornaments.

How do I take care of my tree?


Your Christmas Tree stands tall in your house for months at a time, collecting memories and presents for the whole family to enjoy – so it’s only fair that you’d want it to stay fresh and lucious, so here’s a few simple tips.

  • Cut 2cm off the tree’s trunk before setting in water in a Cinco stand or bucket
  • Keep the butt of the tree in water
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight
  • Keep it away from airconditioning or heating
  • Be aware bugs may call it home!
  • Remember to top up water daily – the tree will drink up to 3L of water in the first three days of being home

When is the best time to collect my tree?


Is there really a perfect time to collect your Christmas tree this year?

Our trees are well looked after, constantly pruned and grown with a substantial amount of love. Properly cared for trees will last around four weeks, and sometimes longer.

So, if you follow the steps above to care for your tree, you can be sure your tree will last over the entire Christmas period.

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